Life Changing

A bit of how this love-story begun for me ...

Back in 2008, while on a business trip to Angola in West Africa. I was invited for lunch by the locals in the office. 

On our way back from the canteen, I noticed most of the expats were carrying their leftovers with them and I inquired one of them as to why. He said,  "you'll see".

I soon found out that the children from a nearby slum would come everyday at lunch time. They would stick their tiny-little hands through the water drainage holes on the wall, separating the compound from a raw sewage stream coming from the slum, and yell at the top of their lungs: “Tio, Tio…” ("uncle, uncle" in Portuguese) begging for  food.

I managed to snap this photo while handing over a piece of bread and a can of soda to one of them.

This shot made me fall in love for the power of freezing a moment. I hope you feel as touched as I was.

I call this shot “Life Changing” for a reason.