About me

How it all begun...

Born by the sunny and white-sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently based out of the Middle East, I like to think photography found me.


In 2008 while on a business trip to West Africa, I came across the one picture that spoke 1,000 words to me – the little guy staring at you (left). It was so loud, so annoyingly intrusive that I could not resist, but to fall in love for the wonderful magic of freezing a moment.  

My sudden affair meant the camera would become an extension of me, capturing precious instants filled with bursts of emotions, the ordinary every day of rather extraordinary moments that make life so astonishingly amazing. And this is what I have been doing ever since, every time I’m blessed with the opportunity to go out there and see the world.

I strive in my efforts to harness the potential of photography to create an instinctive connection between the viewer and the viewed; the power of an image reminds us of our shared humanity and responsibility to each other and to our beautiful blue marble.

Although not a "day-job", (yet) photography is something I do with enthusiasm and dedication. I really hope you like my work – it’s a passion. Get a passion to your wall, get a print here!

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